Jobs Models Publications Listing

Publications of the Jobs Models Model Development and Applications Complete Listing.
This document provides the title, authors, publication date, venue of availability, and a description of the content of each Jobs Models model report, which are listed in chronological order.

Title Authors Date File
JOBS FC Excel Spreadsheet ModelDec 2012
JOBS H2 Excel Spreadsheet ModelSep 2014
JOBS NG Excel Spreadsheet ModelSep 2014
Title Authors Date File
JOBS FC 1.1 User GuideDec 2012
Jobs and Economic Impact of Fuel Cells Model DocumentationM. Mintz, C. Mertes, E. Stewart, J. GilletteJun 2014
Title Authors Date File
JOBS FC 1.1 (JOBS and economic impacts of Fuel Cells), USDOE EERE webinarM. Mintz, C. Mertes, E. Stewart, J. Gillette, J. MolburgDec 2012
Economic Impact of Fuel Cell Deployment in Forklifts and for Backup Power under the American Recovery and Reinvestment ActM. Mintz, C. Mertes, E. StewartJun 2014
Economic Impacts Associated with Commercializing Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in California: An Analysis of the California Road Map Using the JOBS H2 ModelM. Mintz, J. Gillette, C. Mertes, E. Stewart, S. BurrFeb 2015

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